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Bank Instrument DIRECT from PROVIDER

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Post time10:48 26-01-2014

Dear Associates,
I see a lot of people around offering leased instruments with very very large face value and with strange terms, but I am very sure none of them are even close to reality and don't even know what they are talking about. I also believe that there are a few real buyers who really need a bank instrument (for a cost of course) as there is no free lunch!
I invite all the real clients (not professional time wasters please) to read my post very carefully and then reply me only if they have an urgent and genuine requirement for a bank instrument. I must tell you that my job is only to do the initial screening and to separate time wasters from real client. I will forward only genuine and serious inquiries to the providers, so make sure you contact me with full details of your requirements and your contact information. Here are the details of our offer:
1. Bank instrument (SBLC/BG) available for one one year and one day;
2. Issuer, a decent bank (no PRIME BANK or WESTERN EUROPEAN BANK etc).
3. Net cost (only bank charges): 5-7% depending on face value (minimum face value 10Million USD or EUR, but smaller value can be considered, maximum 50Million USD or EUR) per tranche.
4. Standard verbiage, ICC format
5. Instrument issued to the client as beneficiary of the instrument. Instrument is clean clear, it is NOT LEASED and must be returned to the provider 2 weeks before maturity.
6. Instrument is sent via SWIFT (710 or 760) to the beneficiary's designated account.
7. Client must pay the cost of instrument to the provider after the contract is signed and before the instrument is issued. The bank does not issue any instrument for free. We are not interested to steal your money, so the provider's banker will send a confirmation letter direct to client's bank confirming the issuance of instrument after the fees are paid. This letter will be sent after the contract is signed and the client shows proof of funds availability.
8. Instrument will be issued in 5 banking days upon receipt of cost in the provider's account.

To SUMMARIZE: if you have enough money to pay for the cost of instrument, we have a real provider who can get you an instrument of your choice. But if you are looking for free instrument, sorry we cannot do it. We are open to proposals on the face value of instrument, usage of instrument, funding of instrument, but we are not open to negotiations for the terms and conditions.
We can assure you that if you are serious and not time wasters, we can close the deal in 3-5 days depending on how fast you can move, we can move faster than you can imagine because it's a straight forward deal with no chain of brokers and funny lies involved.
kamkstrf AT gmail DOT com