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Online Business Security

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Post time19:47 12-09-2008
(Post updated by security_con... 19:49 12-09-2008)


in this post i am going to explain why security is so important.
Today we live in a world where computersystems can be anomously hacked and put out of business.

The security aspect of a online business is often overlooked wich can result in a website completly destroyed by worms/hackers.
Becouse i have witnessed this and mailed website owners who where attacked , i decided to come forward with a good business proposal.

Get elite security from pc-guru security consulting.
Why us? Becouse we have all the answers on all the security questions.

We give our customers the tools (the admins) to close a security hole instantly, this results in a shorter time window a server is vulnerable to attacks.

We just started out, but the knowledge is all here, pc-guru security consulting is a professional team of security sepecialists in various fields.

visit for a overview and tecnical profiles.


Marco Hagenaars
pc-guru security consulting


Post time12:55 25-07-2011

SBLC/BG, MTN, LC for lease directly with a provider from any top banks, HSBC London, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank etc

Contact:: Mr.Norman Broadberry
Telephone: +44-207-060-1150