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How important is my resume?

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Post time06:55 03-11-2008

How important is my resume?  Is this the most important part of the interview process?


Post time04:07 04-11-2008
(Post updated by Brent 04:07 04-11-2008)

Well, I will say this, I really steered clear of the whole you need a resume and cover letter song and dance. But I have to add that it is really important. I will not underestimate the power of a great resume and cover letter. That goes without saying for any job. My book gives you the option on what to do here. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. A poor resume and cover letter is like showing up to a formal in sweat pants. Would you do that?


Post time12:22 25-07-2011

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