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Operating A Cleaning Business

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Post time11:21 11-12-2008

A cleaning business is a good home based business that could give the owner a ton of rewards, one of which is the profit it gains.  Cleaning services generally render service to the homes of clients so a location outside of your home, in a commercial area is not a necessary requirement.

Once you have decided on putting this type of business, you will need a guide on how to start it up and operate it.  That is why it is fortunate that in this day and age, you have online resources that could really assist you in making sure that your business will be a success.

Here are some tips on the more important details you should consider in operating your own home based cleaning facility.

1.    First and foremost, check if your area has any restrictions on the operations of home based businesses.  You might find out that your place of residence does not allow this or may have limitations in terms of traffic, signage, employees, noise, and other stuff.

2.    You might need a vehicle because cleaning employees will have to go to clients houses and would require an efficient means of transport.  It would also be more convenient especially with cleaning equipment such as vacuums, brooms, dustbins, chemicals for disinfecting.  You can also use it as an advertisement tool if you choose to emblazon your company’s logo, name, and contact numbers on it.

3.    You might also require additional employees.  For a cleaning business that already has a steady stream of clients calling for clean ups, you could expand by employing extra help so that the scheduling would not be too difficult and you could start administering from home.  If you are not too particular about details, you can also employ a bookkeeper or an accounts clerk to help out with billings and income.

4.    You can double check your prices too and make necessary adjustments.  If your initial fee offer has become too straining to keep up operations with, issue a memo to all your clients and give them a heads up on the price increase.  To make it more interesting and involved, you can issue a statement detailing why you would like to raise the fees a little, and take a vote on how much the raise should be.  This way the clients do not get surprised and they are more willing to part with a few extra dollars in exchange for your excellent service.

5.    There are times that you create a credit account for your more regular customers and this is fine.  Nonetheless, remember that you would need to have a system in collecting fees from them.  Have them sign for all the cleaning services rendered to them and remind them of the scheduled dates of payment.  

6.    Always have time to study the market you are servicing to, plus the market you have not tapped.  This way, you can device ads that may call on the untapped market to try your service while maintaining excellent service to previous customers.

In the end, you still have to be an involved and interactive business owner.  This would be the only way your business will run the way you have envisioned it to be.

More info: How to start a cleaning business


Post time12:58 25-07-2011

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Post time00:58 07-02-2013

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