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Ideas On marketing Your Office Cleaning Business

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Post time02:13 27-02-2009
(Post updated by AndreColliso... 02:14 27-02-2009)

Money matters nowadays. If you want to earn extra cash for an extra living, or simply want a permanent job with flexible time, then an office cleaning may be the thing for you. It's relatively easy to build one; and because it's low cost on spending you have more chance on making money.

In order for you to start with your business, you have to know all the aspects on an office cleaning business to successfully run it. It's not just buying equipment and supplies and selecting the necessary tools; but it's all about tactics and the methods used in the business. to learn more about these steps, read on more here.

First, get a business license. A license is a must when you want your own office cleaning business to operate within the area. Although it will cost you a couple of $25 to $30; however, spending that small amount of money is worth it. When you have the time to get a license or a permit, make sure you create a short, memorable, and an easy to pronounce name for your business. If you have no idea about the requirements, simply visit your country's office and inquire. Follow all the procedures in getting one.

Once you're done with a business permit, just move on to the next step: a bond. Never heard of a bond? Well, to simply put it correctly, it's an insurance bond where it will protect you or your client. For example, if you or your employee accidentally broke something, the insurance will pay your client. Isn't that easy or what? Having a bond is definitely a plus especially for your clients. Your client will feel confident in hiring you because he knows it will go well.

Buy all the things needed for your office cleaning services. Be certain that everything is not lacking. The basic stuff that you may need are glass cleaners, furniture polish, vacuum (small), general all purpose cleaner, rags, trash bags, broom, and more.

Lastly, to fully run your business, you need clients. There are tons of ways to get clients: through advertisement placements in your local paper, yellow pages listings, posters, flyers, and putting up an online website. Also, you can stop by in offices and hand them your business cards. And if you have your business vehicle, print a large logo on it for the people to know that your business is operating.

Once you follow all these steps, there's not a doubt that your business will flourish in the long run.

For more info:


Post time04:16 28-02-2009

Well i could start a cleaning business but im not a mexican arse wiping rat servant, so ill stick to my day job thanks.

Admin - please remove this f*ckwit - thanks


Post time12:20 25-07-2011

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