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Cleaning Services – Know What Your Clients Want

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Post time08:39 04-04-2009

In establishing your own janitorial cleaning service, one of the things you would need to research on is what your clients would consider a good cleaning service.  To learn about this, you may conduct your own research by asking potential customers what they would expect from their hired cleaners.  Another choice would be to ask other janitorial cleaning business owners.  In trying to have a good cleaning service, you first need to know what to give so that you can properly deliver excellent service and even exceed the expectations from your business. It is through this that you get a stable base of clientele – giving the customers what they want.

Although it may seem futile to sell your services to businesses in areas where there is already an established and running commercial cleaning service, do not despair.  There is a huge market for the cleaning business, besides; you might be surprised that companies welcome newcomers since they know that a start up business will most likely be more flexible in fees than the older cleaning companies.

There are a variety of businesses that would require a cleaning service provider; there are offices, stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and even churches. However different their particular cleaning needs may be though, the fundamental qualities that they would look for in a cleaning service are the same.

1.    A client wants an organized cleaning service provider. Give time to really plan on how the cleaning will be done.  The best way to do this is to set up a meeting with the client before the agreed upon cleaning schedule.  This way, you can take a look at the area to be cleaned; can list down all the cleaning tools and equipment you might need to bring along with you, estimate the duration of cleaning appointment, and to take note of any specific cleaning instruction from the client himself.

2.    Run your business professionally.  You and your employees should always observe proper decorum when dealing with clients, both in your own office and the client’s space as well. Make sure that your cleaning crew would be in proper dress code when showing up for cleaning jobs.  A cleaner should always look neat and tidy because he is in the cleaning profession. If you could, it would also be nice to provide uniforms for your staff with your logo and the name of your cleaning company as well.  The client will surely appreciate this as your crew can be easily identified.  This would additionally be an advantage for you as it is a form of advertisement that is free and far reaching.

3.     Be accessible.  Clients need to be assured that you, the manager and business owner, will be readily available for any concerns they might have.  Regularly following up on the cleaning jobs you have done, answering all queries promptly, and returning calls as soon as possible are good ways o ensure that your clients feel that you care for the business you have with them.

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