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Requirements to start a Cleaning Business

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Post time02:01 06-07-2009

Typical Families today donít have much time for themselves because usually both are working and stressed, whatever time left is to take care of the kids.  Not much time is left to do the house hold cleaning.  House servicing nowadays is a much appreciated offering for most people.  Starting such a business requires very little start up cost and can be done at your home.  As the business expands then you can consider renting an office for it.

First thing to do is to devise a business plan and a job policy or company ruling.  Like most successful businesses it all has to do in the name.  It has to be simple, catchy and denotes professionalism in results.  After choosing a name it is advised that you have your business insured.  This will serve as somewhat of a guarantee to your future clientele.  It would give them peace of mind that whatever happens in the course of an accident is covered.

As a sole proprietor of a business you can go under the category classification of an independent contractor.  This puts you in the same level as a skilled worker such as an electrician, a painter or a carpenter. Next, secure a copy of a background check and police record of yourself.  This is building a profile to make you more sellable to the market.  The forms donít take that long to fill out and arenít expensive. You mail this, and usually within a couple of weeks it comes back in clearing your profile. Now with these you make copies of.  So when every time you have a customer you give them copies of these. Itís like saying up front that ďIím clear of anything.  You have nothing to worry about.Ē  This really makes you look straight forward and professional.

Upon closing a job order with your customers, do indicate everything in a check list form thatís black and white of what the customer expects out of your contract.  You have to make clear your work schedules, what are your days along with the times that you operate. How do you want to get paid? Put how your rates are spelled out. Then list down what the customer wants cleaned.

It is from this that your customer will draw expectations and use to check if everything has actually been done.  This serves as your contract.  

If youíre just starting and if itís just a small neighborhood, it may be a good idea to do promotional work for a while.  Information like this spreads faster and it also shows the quality of your work.  You donít want to hang flyers around the neighborhood because this makes you look like a temporary worker.  Instead, choose to have business cards so that it would give the public the image that youíre a seasoned professional serious about the quality of your work.

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