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Starting out a Cleaning Business

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Post time01:40 11-07-2009

A cleaning business is quite a profitable business nowadays.  Opportunity of the times has presented itself to pave the way for this kind of business.  With most household couples handling office jobs it leaves less time for the family and the home to balance off the day.

A cleaning business can start from your own home and choose clients that are within close proximity of your area first.  Once you have established yourself then you can consider expanding your line of services.  There are only a few requirements and permits that you will need to start your business and you will be under the category of a contractor.  You can try to showcase your abilities by doing a model home for free.  This will prove to be a better example for your future clients rather than pay for an advertisement.

A cleaning business has mainly two markets: the residential and commercial market.  The residential market of course covers households, and can also service small offices or establishments within the area.  Commercial markets would include large offices, commercial buildings and other public places.

A residential business mainly offers a maid service, which offers dusting and wiping of fixtures and top surfaces such as tables, shelves and counters, vacuum and mopping of floors, carpets and stairs for the rooms, scrubbing of showers, sinks and toilet bowls, cleaning of mirrors and other surfaces inside the bathroom and taking care of stuff in the kitchen such as the stove, grill, sink, microwave, pots and pans.  Basic and custom cleaning plans can be made to service an individual household need.

Commercial businesses require mostly a janitorial service, which functions mainly like a maid service with a much larger area of activity.  Operating hours is also the difference between the maid and the janitorial service.  A maid service operates during the normal hours of the day while janitorial services start when the normal work traffic of the client contracting them stops.  This is because they donít want the cleaning to interfere with the daily operations of the workplace.

Some businesses choose to remain and specialize on an individual market but both can actually be operated under one roof.  The key is having to select the proper staff to help you out with it.  You would want to choose hardworking, determined, goal oriented and honest individuals.  Remember that the clients will be allowing you to enter their premises and be around their personal belongings.

As you establish yourself into the market you may choose to add services to your list such as rug and carpet cleaning, which handles deep down dirt, stains and restoration, drape and curtain cleaning and perhaps pool cleaning.  This all depends on the type of neighborhood, location and market niche that you have.  Some clients may also chose to go the extra dollar for you to apply a high quality surface protectant to shelves, tables and counter tops or a flame retardant to fabric covered chairs and sofas or to curtains and drapes.

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