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Steps in Starting a House Cleaning Business

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Post time02:35 22-07-2009

The usual routine of families nowadays consist of, doing the day job which eats up most if not all of the time during the day, and taking care of the children upon getting home, while the weekends are usually spent running errands here and there and spending quality time with either friends or family members or both. This kind of schedule leaves them feeling stressed and overworked. Cleaning the house would be the last thing they like to worry about. Hence, a lot of families nowadays seek for aid with housecleaning from professional housecleaners. With that, starting a housecleaning business wouldn’t give you much of a problem in finding clients.

People used to think of housecleaners with a low regard and treated them like “maids”, but not anymore. Because of their much needed and highly esteemed services, housecleaners have earned a respectable degree of appreciation. Putting up a housecleaning business is very feasible for a good number of people because it requires minimal capitalization. Here are some suggestions of experienced house cleaning businessmen on the first steps to consider in starting up one of your own.  

Having a fine physical condition is a very important factor to consider in starting a house cleaning business. Cleaning is not as uncomplicated as it sounds. It is very laborious, and will require a lot of patience.  Customer and people relations skills are needed in acquiring and maintaining your clients. Some basic accounting and clerical work will help make the job easier and more organized. So it is equally important that before you roll up your sleeves and dive into this type of business, be sure that this is the right kind of work for you.

Having good references is also something that you must have in the cleaning industry. Clients would want testimonies of how well you do your job and most especially the value of the type of cleaning that you do. To get your first good references, volunteer to clean the homes of your family members or close friends either at a discounted rate or for free. Although this may not seem very tempting, remember that sacrifices have to be made first in order to get results. In the same way, working on a discount or for free, will pay off, when these first people that you clean for become your references for good testimonials later on.

Always go for quality and not how fast you can finish in cleaning the homes of your first clients. A good job in cleaning can be time consuming but making sure that you give off an excellent first impression is vital. Ascertain that all the nooks and crannies of the home are covered and that you did not overlook to clean anything.  Having this type of work attitude almost always works at having people talk of how well you are in your profession.

Succeeding in making your clients rely on you is basically the first and highest hurdle that you have to overcome in this type of business. Once you get through that, the rest is just within your control.

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