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Searching for Sales Leads For Your Cleaning Business

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Post time01:49 27-07-2009

When you are just starting out in your own cleaning business, your very first client would be your family, relatives, friends and maybe neighbors too. To gain more clients, you need to grow your circle and begin expanding your business. So where is the best to start looking for potential clients? Here are some practical ideas in searching for sales leads:

1.    Joining a networking or volunteering organization. Surely there are the chamber of commerce, Rotary and much other volunteer or networking organization in your community. Joining and participating in this community organization is one of the easiest ways to introduce and let the community know about you and your services.

2.    Become an authority. Try conducting surveys and pools offering marketing information and have the results published through press releases and websites. You can also teach classes in a local community education programs. You can build recognition and maybe more demands for your services by doing those things.

3.    Look for possible business partners. Pair up with other business that compliments your cleaning services. This could be partnerships with air duct services, carpet cleaners or blind cleaning services. When a partner cannot provide a serve that a client wants, they can refer each other.

4.    Come up with an industry profile. Compose an informative speech or write articles about green cleaning, carpet care and other things in your expertise. And then, prepare a few promotional pieces to send out to the local media.

5.    Purchase banner ads in electronic media. Search for a website that focuses on your potential or target market such as the local chamber. Using the website can deliver the information you want directly to the businesses needing your services.

6.    Keep up with local news and read your local paper. This will keep you well-informed on the business, expansion and renovations. All of them can be your prospective customers.

7.    Open up a booth the local Business Expo. Many communities sets up some kind of commerce and industry trade fairs and shows. Setting up your own booth and having sign up for door prices is a great way of letting people learn about the services you offer.

8.    Check your records often. Are there potential customers who did not sigh up for your services before? The situations and circumstance might have changed that they might need your services now.

9.    Purchase sales leads. You can lists and mailing of prospective clients from various sources from different sources such as your local chambers, professional organizations, trade groups and mailing lists services. Some lists are very specific and has a breakdown of leads into specific groups, while some may include all the group members only.

Acquiring new clients and growing your cleaning service business would certainly take time, creativity and a lot of perseverance. You need to devote more time and effort into developing contracts and these ideals can help you grow your business and earn more profits in the future.

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