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Saving Money On Cleaning Supplies

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Post time03:20 10-08-2009

Rising costs of fuel have made the cost everything higher each day. As a business owner, scrimping for every penny is thus important as the savings would be earning fro the company. Cleaning service supplies are an expensive item in one’s budget thus the need to find ways to save is of paramount importance. Having one’s work area cleaned and stocking up on bathroom necessities is a day to day struggle but with this one can save hundreds if not thousands of hard earned money.

The size of one’s area for cleaning must be at par with the service provider. Paying for a service one can do one’s self, such as simple tasks as picking up trash and vacuuming would be giving away money. Drafting a simple plan for one’s employees can be undertaken in order to save money on one’s cleaning expenses. Taking out the trash can be one of the things one or one’s employees can pay huge dividends in the future. In order to lessen the burden having a centralized trash receptacle would make the task more enjoyable. In other businesses, jobs for cleaning up are offered to in house staff after hours to save up on cleaning expenses. This would provide a cheaper alternative for the company and allow employees to earn a little extra with minimal work. Learning about the services and seeing how one’s own employee’s can do the work would be more savings for the company.

Another area for savings is in bathroom supplies. Each work area is required to have rest room and supplying the necessities for these restrooms is a cost burden for the employer. Money can be saved in the responsible use of toilet paper, hand towels and soap. Also, changing the kind of toilet paper would also help in creating savings for the company. So by choosing the right paper ant the bulk cost, one can save more than purchasing off the shelf toilet paper. Soap is also another savings avenue. Buying by bulk instead of by cartridge makes more savings. Hand dryers are more cost effective than hand towels. Also, lesser trash needs to be taken out and dispensers are more break down receptive than hand dryers.

Another way is reviewing one’s cleaning bills. One way to save is having one’s company provide the supplies instead of including the same with the monthly billing. Cleaning service providers mark up the cost of supplies with as much as a 300% add on and then this would be paid for by the company blindly. So asking for a breakdown of the supplies bill would be but a responsible way of finding out where one’s payments actually go.

As one can see, savings can be made off cleaning services if one just has a bit of foresight over the expenses to be paid. Making cleaning a team effort, saving on supplies and toiletries and reviewing billing is but ways to keep costs of cleaning manageable. After a few rounds, one would be able to save more for the company.

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