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The Steps in Starting your Cleaning Service

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Post time02:21 20-08-2009
(Post updated by AndreColliso... 02:21 20-08-2009)

Today's busy families choose to hire professional cleaners to clean up their homes as they don't have time to do it anymore. A lot of home cleaning services have fast become popular too because of their capability to generate income quickly. If you're thinking of starting your own home cleaning business, here are some tips to help you out:

1.    You need Skills and Commitment
To be successful in any business venture, it is important to have determination, enthusiasm and dedication to your work. You need to be honest, reliable, organized and punctual for your clients to have confidence in you. You also need to have basic business skills to effectively handle administrative works and be able to handle communications and foster relationships with your clients as well as your employees and for your business to grow. Depending on how much time and effort you're willing to up in your business, you have to decide whether you can have a part time or full time cleaning service.
2. The Market Segment Selection
The cleaning industry has to market segments the commercial and the consumer segment.  Commercial cleaning segments depend primarily on janitorial services to carry out the tasks. Consumer segment on the other hand relies on maid services and other types of cleaning services not required on a regular basis such as window cleaning services and carpet cleaning. You can fit your service into one market segment or if you think you can, you may even service different market successfully.

3. Services Offered
Your next step is to choose which type of cleaning services to offer. You could choose from janitorial services, made services or carpet cleaning. Janitorial services are basically for organizations like offices, shops, hospitals and others. Maid services are more on consumer market and are usually consulted during usual working hours. Carpet and specialized cleaning services are requested both by commercial and consumer industries.

 4. Franchising and Independent Operations
You can choose to have a franchise business or you can run it as an independent operator. Franchisors usually assist and support your business until the time you get established well enough to market the services on your own. However, a disadvantage of franchising is on the royalty fees you have to pay. Being an independent player gives you more freedom, but you may also get to a phase of trial and error as you really don't have enough experience and support. If you are considering an independent operation, it is best to research and study everything about the business so that you will start off right.

 5. Zoning Regulations, Business Documents
In some places, home based businesses are not allowed, and other has restrictions. Check out the zoning regulations in your neighborhood before setting off on your business. You can ask for this information in your city clerk's office or the local library. You would also need a business license and insurances. You have to keep in mind that these documents are very important in starting up a business.
6. Start Up Costs and Resources Needed
Each business needs money and equipments or tools to start off. In a cleaning business you have to prepare things such as cleaners, polishing liquids, mops and others. You also need to pay for advertising, transport costs and additional employees if needed.

7. Fixing your Service Rates
Make sure that you are asking for fair prices for your services, it should not be too low or too high. Consider labor costs, materials as well as administrative costs. You should have a decent profit, it is advisable to check and compare your prices and rates with your competitors.
8. Marketing Your Venture
Though passing information along is an effective and inexpensive way of advertising your business, you can also try putting up ads on magazines, local papers and such. You can give out banners, brochures and posters too. You may even use your own vehicle to advertise, just display your business name and contact information.

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