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How to Start a Cleaning Business

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Post time01:55 30-08-2009

Modern households of today are headed by couples who are part of the workforce. With both spouses working and busy, any leisure time is preferably spent relaxing or enjoying with family and friends. If given a choice, none of them are inclined to devote time doing the cleaning and other housework. Fortunately, with the extra money gained from having two incomes, hiring people to do the tasks is an affordable alternative.

This type of realistic situation has greatly contributed to the recent rise in the demand for cleaning services.  In response, enterprising individuals have opened cleaning service businesses to address the demand. In starting any business, financing is an important consideration; otherwise the endeavor can never take off.

Not all who wish to embark on a profitable trade have sufficient financial resources at the outset. Starting small, most cleaning service operators used their personal savings at the beginning then reinvested profits for expansion. Those without savings can go for financing but this option is not a very easy one to take; since financing institutions require that the operator also put some cash into the business.

If traditional financing is not feasible, the potential owner can do an inventory of his assets and assess which can be sold or used for loan collaterals. Further, he can look to friends and family who might be willing to extend a helping hand. Arrangements of this nature, even if done with relatives, must be handled as professionally as possible and must be put in writing. A partnership is another possible alternative, as long as responsibilities and obligations between partners are clearly defined in writing. Lastly, there are various government programs supporting SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) that can be availed of.

In a cleaning service, you’ll never run out of customers. People will always have to work and vicinities will always have to be cleaned. People will always be off at work and they will never have the time to fully clean their homes. Thus, a professional cleaning business guarantees a recurring source of income and establishes long-staying relationships with clients.

In order to launch a cleaning business, there are some things that you need to consider.

First, know what type of cleaning service you will render. Basically, there is residential cleaning and there is commercial cleaning. Your budget and expertise will depend on your choice of cleaning venture. Next, explore your potential market. Observe market trends, current rates, competitors’ status and your potential customers’ needs. Conduct surveys with potential customers to understand their likes and dislikes.

Depending on your type of cleaning service, you have to determine the cleaning supplies and equipment you will need to buy for your operations. You may ask for advice from people in a janitorial supply store. Aside from supplies, you may also need to determine which licenses you will need to obtain from the government local authority or which certifications you must get in order to start your business.

Once your business is up and running, you will have to advertise your name and the service to gain a following. You can place ads in newspapers, distribute brochures or leaflets in your locality, create and give out business cards, or post your ads at public places wherever it is allowed.

Overall, starting your own cleaning business is a great way to earn. You can decide how much time and investment you would like to put into it and eventually grow your business to cater to more your clients’ cleaning needs.

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