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How to Start a Janitorial Business

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Post time01:49 08-09-2009

Janitorial business provides cleaning and maintenance services to all kinds of business. The demand for work is high and constant. This is a type of business where the income one could make is definitely high.

Before starting a janitorial business, survey your market first. Look for businesses or potential customers are in your target location.

The supplies and equipments needed to start a janitorial business depend on what kind of services you want to start out. Basically, you will need brooms, mops, vacuum, detergents, trash bags, gloves, etc.

Keep it simple by starting with one particular type of business. If you plan on running an office cleaning first, stick with it. This will save cost with your supplies and simplify your cleaning services. When you master one kind of cleaning business, start to expand slowly.

Growing too fast can be harmful to your business. Unsatisfied clients will not only cancel service but spread the word to other clients. Be realistic and hire help as needed. Give time to train your employees so they can represent your company well.

Look for other business opportunities that correlate your cleaning services. You could offer office aquariums and plant supply and maintenance. Do not stop at one business idea. Most companies grow large by expanding into similar business ventures.

Keep a close relationship with your client. Give them evaluation forms about your services. This will help you adjust your services according to your clients’ needs. Remember that flexibility is the key to be successful in your janitorial business.

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