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How to Start an Office Cleaning Business

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Post time00:55 12-09-2009

Office cleaning service is one of the most popular businesses today. With a lot of business owners seeking ways to save expenses, the demand for professional cleaning service will always be high and many are taking advantage of this.

Here are tips to get started in the office cleaning industry:

To start a cleaning business for offices, you need to find potential clients and sell them your services. You could do this by directly talking to your target. The most effective way to save costs in starting business would be by personal contact. This is also the best way to gain trust of your client since they would be leaving you their key and trust you their belongings.

Start advertising by dropping by at your potential clients’ office and giving them flyers and brochures. Give business cards to relatives or friends that work in offices, and offer referral incentives if their offices get your cleaning services. If you could not talk personally to office owners, you could also try to contact them by phone.

Once you already have customers, you will need to take note what special requests your client wants to be done in their offices. Try writing each step you will need to accomplish in every service you make in each location. If you want, you could also make a checklist. Bring these with you all the time, this will keep you on track and avoid skipping needed services.

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