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Starting a Residential Cleaning Service

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Post time01:40 05-10-2009

A residential cleaning service is a great business opportunity because it does not need a large start-up capital. In addition, demand for it in on the rise, due partly to the increasing number of women who are establishing careers of their own and who have less time to spend on housekeeping. Thus, even households are now outsourcing their cleaning tasks.

As a home business, occupying of an office space is not necessary. Initially, all that is needed are basic cleaning supplies and implements such as a vacuum, broom, long-handled duster. Other types of equipment that are used to provide extra services such as carpet cleaning can be rented to save on maintenance costs. Cleaners can expect to earn an average of $10 to $25 an hour.

For starters, investing on a mobile phone or a pager would be a good idea so calls from clients would always be received and business opportunities would not be missed. Building relationships with other cleaning services would also be an advantage since they could provide additional business and could help in busy times.

There are several ways to attract business and this can be done thru advertising, which need not be expensive. Putting up and ad in the local newspaper does not cost much, as evidenced by the myriads of ads put up by others as well. To stand out, it pays to be creative with the ads. Offering a discount for services would make the readers take notice. Flyers and business cards can also help in telling others about the business and so does being listed in the yellow pages.

A cleaning business is not complicated and could provide the owner with a steady income as well as a flexible work schedule.

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