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Ways To Promote Your Cleaning Business

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Post time10:43 04-11-2009

Starting off a new business needs you to come up with gimmicks and promotions so that people will pay attention and notice what youíre selling or offering. It is simply because of your novelty that people donít know about your business yet or maybe people donít really that your business exists. Advertising doesnít necessary mean spending big-bucks; a little creativity would go a long way in promoting your cleaning business.

If you think that you may need the same advertising budget as of a restaurant chain or you need a promoter for your business to be successful, and then think again. Some of things you can actually do are:

Start the promotions even before your open your business doors. Once you decided to open a cleaning business and youíre busily doing the setting up, put some time-off to inform your contracts that youíll be opening a cleaning business soon. Inform friends and family as they may also have some to recommend you to. Or they may even be interested in availing your services too. It wonít hurt to get a good recommendation from someone you know.

Give out printed business cards and flyers. This would help get the word around that you are opening your business soon. Post flyers in community centers or the local gym. Place small where people frequently go or stay. Even a small space can contain an enumeration of your services and your contact number. This will open your business to a nice amount of customers already. Think of this as your movie trailer Ė the testing ground and building excitement for you business.

Second is to continue your promotions even after youíve already opened up your business. Despite having a steady stream of clients, you should never slack off with your promotional efforts. You should continue luring new customers and keep them interested in your services. If you are providing great services, then you will have no trouble keeping the ones youíve already have. Solicit feedbacks from your current clients and this will surely improve your business and keep them happy with your services. Test new kind of advertising scheme that you think would attract even more customers.

At this time, you can also cease to use advertising and marketing methods that donít work for you. If itís the ad you had playing in your radio station, then ask yourself and the station as well why your ad isnít working. If your ad is not making waves you hoped for, then pull it out. This will give you more efforts to spare for those ads that really work.

Never be afraid to explore. Keep in mind that media is an ever changing dimension that you too may need to change techniques as the years passed. This comes as a part of your companyís growth. Like if you started part time work from home business, word of mouth and flyers can be great advertising. The high growth potential of cleaning services can lead you from being part time to full time sooner than you know it. By this time, you need to supplement your word of mouth and flyers with better and bigger ads.

Lastly, you may also offer discounts, sales and promotions from time to time or add new promotions or renew your ads once and a while.

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