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Your Commercial Cleaning Business Name

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Post time02:39 06-06-2010

Putting up a commercial cleaning business?  One of the things you need to put a lot of effort in is naming your business.  Your business name is your basis in advertising and creating a logo.  Having an unattractive business name would make it difficult for you to get clients to remember, and if they do not remember, they would not be able to tell their friends about you.  Additionally, a business name that has no recall would prove to be a liability if for instance one of your prospective clients loses your contact number and would not be able to find how to contact you if they try and find you online or in the yellow pages.

The easiest way to come up with a business name is by using your own and then tagging it with the nature of your business.  This can be to your advantage if you have already created a name for yourself in the industry that you are venturing into or if a lot of prospective clients (like your former employers and business associates) know of your outstanding business skills and ethics. It motivates you to live up to your name and the expectations associated with it too.

Another way to brainstorm a good name for your cleaning business is to get out a note pad and a pen and start writing as many synonyms to cleaning as you can remember.  If you get stuck turn on your computer and use the thesaurus software program you can find there or borrow a thesaurus from one of your kids and browse through it. Cleaning goes by a lot of other names such as: cleaning, spotless, dirt free, fresh, sparkling, dazzling, and so on. Additionally, you may want to put a tagline after your name that becomes your trademark.  

Some people also believe in lucky names and numbers that should be put in to create a business name to ensure success.  For instance, the number 7 or the letter s; if you have beliefs like those, it would not hurt to incorporate it into your cleaning business’ name. After all, a little luck can do so much wonders to a fledgling business.

After you have already created different possible combinations to create your name, choose about three or more that you really like and field test it.  Start reading them out loud and see if the name rolls off your tongue, if it creates an impact and if it is easy to remember. Then go to your spouse, your family, and your friends and ask for their input on how the name sounds.

Afterwards, you can go online and start scouting if there are registered businesses with the same name.  You would not be able to get your business name registered if there is somebody else out there who have thought of the name before you; hence the reason behind creating three or more name options.

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