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How To Start Window Cleaning Business For Many Reasons

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Post time03:10 02-07-2010

Let's take a glance at what makes window cleaning such a great business to start:

1.    Low Startup Cost - With many businesses, the amount of money needed to start a business becomes a barrier to entry. Nevertheless, when it comes to window washing, you can literally get your business up and running for a few hundred dollars. As far as additional equipment and costs are concerned, providing you have a vehicle you can use for your business, you can hit upon all of the other tools and supplies you will need for less than $1500.

2.    Low Overhead - In addition to having low start up costs, a window cleaning business also has very low operating cost. For a lot of window cleaners, the only expenses they have are gas, and replacement cleaning supplies. The only other expense you may have is liability insurance; and contractors insurance for window cleaners runs between $800 and $1200 per year.

3.    Extremely Profitable - Forget what you might have heard about window cleaning being a low pay job, because the real deal is the opposite. Most owner or operator window cleaners average between $40 to $100 dollars per hour depending upon the type of job and the swiftness of the window cleaner. It is very straightforward for a one or two person window cleaning operation to bring in $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

4.    High Demand for Services - Look around, glass is everywhere and unlike many building materials, glass must be preserved because otherwise it deteriorates. Not only that, but with the way things are today, peoplesí lives continue to become more busy and frantic on a daily basis, and they just don't have time to clean their own windows, therefore they must pay to have them cleaned. Even people who do have time to clean their own windows often would rather pay to have them professionally cleaned than bother with it themselves.

5.    Unlimited Growth Potential - The population is increasing, new homes and businesses are being built by the thousands, and so instead of your market becoming saturated, it is instead growing larger each and every year.

6.    Easy Work - Cleaning windows is simple and easy to do; as long as you are in reasonably good health, anyone from a teenager to a senior citizen can become a skilled window cleaner. There is also no education or skill requirements needed to clean windows, all that's needed is the aspiration to succeed and pride in ones work. Due to the simple nature of window cleaning, training employees and bringing them up to speed with how your business operates is a quite quick and effortless process. You can have a new employee efficiently cleaning windows by the end of their first day on the job.

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