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Cleaning Business - Always agree with a contract

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Post time04:18 08-07-2010

It isn’t proper to start an account with just a handshake. It is best to have something in writing, detailing clearly the details of the arrangement.
What’s the purpose of agreements and how are you going to start your own contract on cleaning business? The purpose of an agreement is know what is and is not to be expected in the service. Everything that needs to be settled has to be written on a paper; it’s the most professional ways on handling things. Written below are the things that should be part of an agreement.

Avoid using “Contract” in you terminology. Refer your contracts as “Agreement and Terms” because this sounds more comfortable and less threatening.  State in it what you are going to do. Your insurance information should be mentioned in the agreement. State how you are going to be paid. This includes the mode of payment and the rate of the cleaning services you are going to perform. If you charge a finance charge for a late payment of services, mention it the agreement as well as the rate and when it takes affect. Make sure it is clear. Have a termination clause if the service requires days. This is to determine the length or duration of the cleaning service. However some don’t enforce this policy while others are very strict and insist upon it. Some agreements even ask that the customer to give the contractor 30-60 days to correct any problems or issues before allowing a termination. You would need to decide if it is worth to enforce this type of agreement or just move on.

Establish first to start your own contract on cleaning business. This will clear out to your clients your obligations to them.

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