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Cleaning Business Checklist

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Post time03:12 12-07-2010

Waiting for your cleaning business to grow entails patience. But if you are seeking for faster results, start looking for referrals coming from your current customers. To make more referral, you need to develop and implement a business generating strategy. It might sound complicated and simple, but this is an ideal way to create a cleaning business checklist for your customers. All you need to do is set up a tracking system where referrals come from, and then reward the individuals.

But the real question is, how do you really get referrals from your cleaning customers? Remember that it is one of the must-do cleaning business checklists.

•    On the customer’s monthly invoices, include referral form that they can pass along to anyone looking for cleaning services. Ensure that a tracking number is written on the form so they can obtain the credit for the referral.

•    Sending out newsletter. This is a fast way to let your customers you value your business and you are accepting new customer cleaners.

•    Make an appointment from your current customers to discuss some details about your business that they need to know.

•    Ask testimonials from your customers and print them on a referral form.

•    Put a list of individuals and business that could possibly bring referrals to you. This is not limited on your customers alone but it also includes the employees, supplier, networking groups, and professional service providers. You can send out information to all individuals about your business and that you’re looking for referral.  

•    Don’t forget to thank them when they bring a new customer to you. This will show that their efforts were appreciated.

They are many cleaning business checklist that you need to do. But if you want a sure way to success, start targeting more of referrals from your customers.

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