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Advantages of Being in the Nursing Career

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Post time01:54 10-08-2010

Majority of workers think and feel that they are under compensated for the hard work that they perform on their jobs. The same is true for nurses as well. It is very common for them to lack rest most especially when they are doing their on the job training. This is mostly felt by nurses since they work full hours without receiving any form of compensation during this period where what they really intend to earn is experience and fulfilling the requirements of training. Indeed, this is quite an annoying disposition where nurses are placed under you would agree.

Once the training is completed, a nursing assistant is then allowed to join the field. However, the starting salary that a nursing assistant isnít quite as attractive as one would have wanted it to be. As for any kind of job, it starts out with the basic pay with amounts of roughly around $2000 dollars a month and will sum up to approximately $2500 in a year. This amount will then be allotted to paying for meals, bills and other expenses which one has to cover. Looking at it, you would probably feel that itís quite a tough amount to budget and is seemingly not enough to take care of everything.

As you gain experience though, you come to see the fruits of your labor and you will feel the increase when it comes to the salary you have been receiving. Once you have done and have successfully passed the licensure exams, you are not entitled to about $43000 in year. This is almost double to what you used to earn.

One great thing that comes with the career too are the number of benefits that are given to professionals in this field such as the bonuses and other perks that you are soon to enjoy. With this job comes fulfillment and satisfaction too knowing how good you are in taking responsibility and likewise being capable of caring for others.

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