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Fantasy Football with a difference!

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Putney Mer

Post time09:38 20-08-2010

Footieflux is the new way of challenging your footie-fan friends.  Check out

# Combine the skill of share trading with the thrill of the Premier league.
# Once you've registered, we put 10,000 of virtual money into your account.
# Purchase shares in Premiership players you think are worth investing in.
# Player share price fluctuates depending on on-pitch performance and other traders buying and selling them.
# Industry-leading statistics used to track on-pitch player performance.
# You will need at least 11 players in your portfolio before you appear on the weekly leaderboard.
# The more money your portfolio makes each week, the higher your position on the Leaderboard will be.
# Each week's Leaderboard winner gets a prize.

Good luck and have fun!