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Getting Started With Home Cleaning Business

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Post time02:03 31-08-2010

How to start a home cleaning business is almost the same as how other businesses start. However, it is not just getting customers and cleaning homes and offices. Here are steps in order for you to have a successful home cleaning business.

1.    Have that professional look. Start by selecting a DBA (“doing business as”), a fictitious name other than your own that you do business under. Be creative and come up with something catchy that people can remember.

2.    Secure your business with a business license. There are applicable fees in securing this license.

3.    Promote your business. Do some marketing strategies. Have an advertisement on newspapers. Your DBA helps you look more professional, by the way. Have at least two references before advertising. This helps you look more professional.

4.    Purchase cleaning equipments. It would be very awkward if you’ll borrow equipments from your customers. Always come prepared.

5.     Get yourself business cards for your business so that customers can contact you.

6.    Consider having liability insurance. It’s quite expensive, but you’ll definitely want this if you’re going to have employees. They may not be as careful as you may when you perform your work, so the added security is helpful.

7.    Everything has to be tracked. Keep records of tax deductions, purchases, and all expenses. Have a close monitoring on your accounts. The key is good record keeping so you’ll have idea where your money is going.

8.    For people who want to own their own business but would rather choose an opportunity that has proven successful for others rather than gambling on developing their own system, a franchise is the way to go.  Most franchises provide marketing support – particularly in advertising and name recognition.

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