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Start a Home Cleaning Business Right Away!

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Post time01:12 01-11-2010

It's not really that hard to start a home cleaning business. But nobody attains success without going back to the basics.

    Be professional as possible to establish integrity and credibility in business. Create the most unique business name you come with enough to attract clients.

    Business credibility will not start unless you go to city and obtain a business license. It may require a fee but it wont put a dent on your pocket.

    If you know someone working on local newspaper, it will be your great advantage to start your home cleaning business. State requirements depend on how long it must run. If you dont have a friend who works on a publication, you can still advertise your business by looking for a paper that requires less payment. They all charge different fees for doing the same thing.

    Its better to have at least two references before advertising to help you look more professional.

    Make professionally designed business cards. You can create your own logo or have it done professionally.

    Be choosy in hiring a partner. Its better to find a co-worker whom you can trust and will match on your preferred working style.

    Get a liability insurance. You may find it expensive but you may consider it if youre going to have employees. This is both beneficial on your and your employees for security purposes.  

    Make sure that everything is tracked. These will include the mileage, products you purchase, and cleaning products you use at home to clean your rags. Keep their receipts.

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