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Poor credit debt remortgage

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Post time10:50 13-11-2007

If you have bad debts or a poor credit history, then getting new finance can sometimes be a real struggle. Many lenders refuse to finance people with bad debts due to the risks that some borrowers are perceived to be. Falling behind on a few repayments could be enough to give you a bad credit rating and cause you difficulties in obtaining new finance when you need it most.

In most cases Remortgage Refinance can help people that have bad debts or poor credit, get the finance that they require. So even if your bad debts have caused you to be refused for a new loan or a mortgage in the past, this does not necessarily mean that we cannot find you a mortgage or remortgage that fits the financial requirements that you are looking for.

You now know that we could be able help you take the struggle out of finding finance when you are suffering from bad debts. We would normally suggest that people with bad debts aim for a remortgage, however we could be able to arrange a secured loan for you if required as an alternative solution to your problem. A bad debt remortgage means that you can release some of the equity in your property to consolidate your debts in to one smaller monthly repayment leaving you with more money left over.


Post time12:47 25-07-2011

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