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Alternative Nursing Careers For You

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Post time07:32 13-05-2011

The nursing job has always been seen as a diverse career for people. There are certain career options under different specializations that nurses may choose from It does not necessarily mean that a nurse should always be stuck in the hospital. It is true that it is a nurse’s primary duty to take care of their patients, but it does not usually involved having to stay in a hospital in order to do that. If you are already getting bored with your old nursing job, here are some career options that you might choose to take.

A forensic nurse is one of the most interesting nursing jobs there is. Who would’ve thought that nursing can be incorporated with law and crimes? Forensic nurses usually work with the law and primarily deal with taking care of the victims of the crimes. These may be victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, trauma that may have cause them to have serious injuries. They are also asked to do investigative work. They collect samples and evidence from the patients and come up with an explanation for these. They are usually the ones who deal with the identification of causes of unexplained deaths. Besides from these, they are also trained for counselling. They are not only exclusive to crime scene labs, but they are also hired by insurance companies, acute healthcare facilities, psychiatric wards and correctional institutions.

A nurse can also work as a consultant, leaning towards the world of business. This allows you to work as your own boss, saving you from the hassles of having to work under someone. This can be beneficial since they are completely in control of their schedules. They can work within regular office hours which do not require shifting that lasts for a couple of days. You can be a consultant in the healthcare industry, answering to the health related questions of the people and giving them the treatment that they should take. You can even put up your own nursing agency in order to address to the needs of the people.

A flight nurse usually deals with the transfer of sick and injured patients. They are the ones who are usually on call in the places where the accidents have happened. They immediately treat medical emergencies which includes trauma. This is very challenging since you are faced with different cases in each mission. You will deal with different doctors and need to know what to do should you be faced with one situation. This is why in order to become a flight nurse, you should be able to play the part of a trainer, educator, administrator, researches and a care provider. You should always be read to deal with any situation. You need to acquire a certificate in Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification (PALS) and Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

These careers are quite interesting if you want to switch to an alternative career in nursing. Remember that  nursing does not always mean that you should work in hospitals. Widen your horizons, an you will see that there is a bigger world of nursing out there.

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