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questions from a novelist

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Post time11:36 22-09-2011

hi there – this is probably a more unusual request on a forum such as this, but I'd be very grateful for any help. I'm a novelist researching share dealers for a minor character in a new book, and wondered if anyone would mind answering a few questions that I have… I've searched around on the internet and read some books to try and get the answers to these, but there's so much complicated information out there it's difficult to find what you want!

If anyone is happy to answer these, please email me on redroosterbooks*at*

Specifically, the questions are:
• as part of the plot I want the character to be buying and selling shares in UK companies – what is the job title of someone who does this? is it just share dealer or something else? and would the place a 'share dealer' works be an investment bank, or a brokerage, or something else?
• is there a specific name used for new graduates in investment banks (something like rookies, I'm guessing). The official term rather than any abusive terms…!

and the plot-related question:
• what industry safeguards mean a share dealer would be caught insider dealing? and even with these safeguards what stops someone on the inside of a private deal telling the details to a share dealing friend who is not on the inside of the deal?

thanks very much for any help