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Help! Advice on a transition from Finance role to Private Wealth Management role

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Post time12:05 13-08-2012

Hi all. 

I am after some advice on how to make a transition from Finance into Private Wealth Management / Asset Management. 

To give you some context, here's a bit about me:  I started my career at Deloitte where I gained my ACA qualification.  After the 3 year stint / sentence (!) of audit, I moved to a large investment bank where I have been working in Finance for the last 6.5 years.  Having taken stock as to where I want my career to head, I am extremely keen to move into Private wealth management or Asset management in a role focusing on the investment analytics side rather than the relationship management side.  Over the last year, I have been studying (outside my current job) for the CFA designation (recently failed level 2 but with the intention of retaking next June) in order to facilitate a move as I feel without any experience in PWM / AM, at least I would have knowledge on investment theory.

So I guess my questions to the forum would be:

1. Has anyone made this transition and if so, what was your strategy for moving?

2. Anything I should be doing to maximise my chances of getting an interview given my lack of experience?

3. Anyone know any good methods for getting PWM / AM contacts? (networking events for example?)


...or any other advice would be welcome.  Many thanks.