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Salary Negotiations

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Post time11:55 31-03-2008


Just had an interview for a role within the venture capital division of my company. I currently work as a private wealth manager advising clients on investments. The new role would be that of Investment Researcher/Analyst, researching companies, their markets, going to meet business owners, hearing their business plans etc for possible investment. There are only a handful of people working in the division as it has only recently been setup (the owner, the COO and the salesman that raises the finance, and hopefully me!).

As I have no experience in this industry and it is notoriously hard to get into, what sort of salary expectations do you think I should enter negotiations at? Or what do you think I could realistically expect to get offered. Also, as its hard to get into do you think I should accept what they offer me and then negotiate down the line once I am in.

Only one more question, in this research/back office type role should I be expecting to be cut in with bonuses on deals etc or is this wishful thinking? Any info is very much appreciated. Thanks


Post time22:28 26-08-2008


i found it helpful