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starting studying, msc in investment

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Post time01:04 10-05-2008

Hi all, i have secured admission in uni of birm in investment mangement, have done my bachelors in business studies overseas, have some quesries in head before starting new course after soo long in uni,i know it wouldnt be easy to start after working straight after my studies in famous chain offood store after studies, cuz of financial problems, nut now determined to study hard.

*how do you go about applying for your first job,considering the fact that its gone really cut throat competition in m arket with only ppl with huge experience in field getting offers,others just straight rejection after interviews

*performance in ur degree,im planing to be atleast in top five students in my class, so atleast i get some chances over the rest of class

*what can we expect the maiden remmuneration package?

"any other reccommentdations are most welcome.

thanks for your time people.




Post time22:27 26-08-2008


i found it helpful