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Post time02:37 13-05-2008

Hey i will soon be finishing high school and moving into university. I have two courses in mind but i am still unsure as which to pursue.

The first course that caught my eye is a double degree. Bachelor of applied finance and commerce- accounting. The second courses that caught my eye is also a double degree bachelor of applied finance and bachelor of economics. I really don't know which course to choose and what jobs these courses could provide me.

I would love to get into investment banking but i know the chances of this is slim to none. So to maximise my chances i hope to do my honours course if not higher. Also at the university i want to apply to it also has a course called Bachelor of Commerce i was confused when i saw this i thought that applied finance is part of commerce?

Thanks for your help =] 


Post time22:27 26-08-2008


i found it helpful