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Stop credit card dept

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Post time10:22 02-06-2008

 Hi, nowadays many people used credit cards. it is necessary to live a easy life.

many people did'nt know about credit card using. In internet forum site is very useful to know about credit cards. and How it is useful to us?

i have seen many site in internet, but forum site is very useful and easy to know about which credit cards are very useful and safeful.

so, everyone must know about credit card using.

-----thank u-----



Don't be a victim. Stop credit card debt now. We can help.





Post time15:55 18-06-2008

Credit card debt is never fun.  I had to get and IVA 4 years ago because I went a 'little' overboard with my credit card usage. I know have 1 more year with my IVA and then hopefully I will be able to have a fresh start.  Thought I would pass on some helpful advice...
Also, IVA is not neccessarily the best way to go (great to know after the fact) because I could have easily gone another route and not hurt my credit history so much.  But I guess there are plus and minuses to any path to get out of debt.