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I have until September before I can ply - What can I do in the meantime

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Post time17:04 25-06-2008
(Post updated by phy4ay 17:30 25-06-2008)

Hi there,

 I have just graduated from Leeds university with a First in a physics  BSc. I have been looking through potential careers over the last few weeks and decided that Investment banking definitely interests me, unfortunately I have missed the application date for all the grad schemes, which means I will have to wait until this september to apply.

I was thinking of doing a few things in the meantime
to improve my marketability, such as taking the IAQ: Introduction to Investment qualification.

1/ Would this be a good start?

2/ If so, what else would you reccommend that I do this year to make it easier for me to get the job?

3/ I am actually a mature student - 28 years old now. My work experience before uni has been warehouse/sales/TEFL teaching, I have learned some transferable skills from all these jobs, but its fairly junior stuff. Will my background cause me any problems in the application process?

4/ Having said that I achieved a First in Physics without any science GCSEs so surely that means something? If not how do I go about addressing any concerns they may have?

If you could answer any of these questions I would be more than greatful!



Post time22:37 26-08-2008


i found it helpful