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Lloyds Banking Group is looking for Data Protection Advisor in Edinburgh - Sighthill! Apply by August 2nd!

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Post time23:32 15-07-2013

Job details With 30 million customers to protect, it takes IT security to a whole new level We watch over 30 million customers. We look out for the security of 8.3 million internet users. We protect round 160,000 ATMs. The scale of what we do is huge and that brings with it some of the most exciting IT security challenges available anywhere today. At Lloyds Banking Group our vision is to be the best bank for our customers. By putting customers first and keeping banking simple, we値l help families, businesses and communities prosper. Security has never been more important, it is crucial. To help make our software, our systems and our services as safe as they can be, we are now looking for a number of specialists to join our business. We池e responsible for an extraordinary amount of data. And that痴 where you come in. Working closely with data owners, you値l configure and manage Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technical rule sets. Preventing leakage and misuse of sensitive data, whether in motion or at rest, you値l identify data which requires protection and recommend rules for monitoring its usage and transmission. We値l expect you to monitor and maintain a range of frontline technical security controls on the network, platform infrastructure and end-points. You値l detect, investigate and escalate security events, and report and support the investigation of data loss events. In addition to assessing policy breaches, you値l investigate, analyse and present improvements to every aspect of the DLP service. You値l also advise and coach junior colleagues. You値l bring to the role an understanding of DLP in the finance sector, along with understanding of ITIL standards and Incident/Problem Management. A good level of technical infrastructure knowledge is also essential. A diligent and driven individual, you demonstrate a keen eye for accuracy and advanced skills in managing and solving problems. Articulate, with robust chairperson and facilitation skills, you have the ability to liaise with colleagues at all levels. In return, we値l recognise and reward your performance. Our award-winning benefits package includes a flexible option that allows you to choose cash or pick from a wide range of benefits. These include a contributory pension scheme, private medical insurance and retail discount vouchers. You値l also have our full support, training and opportunities for both personal and professional development. Apply here: