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paraplanner/financial advisor

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Post time13:11 05-08-2008


Need some advice to a possible career change (due to likely redundancy?)

Firstly, I'm 40 years old. Look and feel a lot younger! but that's a different story!!

I have always been interested in financial topics, investments, savings etc. etc. My mental arithmatic is second to no one and have always been savvy with regards to financial planning, investments savings and when buying things etc.

So some sort of career in the above would I feel not only interest me but I feel I would be very good at.

However, would be very grateful for some advice from someone(s) knowledgeable in these careers, as firstly I feel my age could be my first stumbling block and secondly I cannot find any local colleges that do any sort of course in these subjects.

Thankyou in advance for any helpful comments and advice


Post time22:38 26-08-2008


i found it helpful