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Bank of England is offering great career opportunities for graduates!

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Post time10:04 23-09-2013

As the countryís central bank, we play a fundamental role in the UK economy - ensuring monetary stability and contributing to financial stability. Our work has an impact on the entire nation. Spend time with us and you will have the chance to apply your knowledge, develop your skills, and truly make a difference. This is an opportunity to apply your PhD-level economics, finance or quantitative expertise to live policy issues while also contributing to our research agenda. We'll encourage you to pursue high-quality, highly visible post-doctoral research and maintain strong connections with academia through publishing, presenting at conferences and undertaking secondments. Contributing to the public good at our prestigious organisation will be excellent for your personal and professional development and CV. Youíll have the chance to work with seasoned colleagues as part of our collegiate structure. Youíll quickly feel like part of the team and gain exposure at all levels. Upon joining the Bank, many people are surprised by just how friendly, welcoming, and open our environment is. Itís not the only surprising thing about us. So take a closer look, and see the Bank differently. To look further into what we can offer and apply, click here: