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Presentation to get hired - urgent advice needed!

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Post time12:00 16-12-2013

Hello, I am currently preparing a presentation which gives an overview of myself and why certain bank managers should hire me for an appropriate position, even at entry level. The issue is that I have no previous banking experience previously and have learnt about Finance/Banking at college (I've only done first year of a Business Management degree) and from personal readings, studying Financial Mathematics and keeping up to date on the financial markets and news on the banking industry. Obviously I would like the best impressions. Advice on the following areas is therefore very appreciated: - Presentation: General and in terms of clothing. In all honesty, I do not have 1000's of dollars to spend on hand-made and tailored suits. I just have a few decent shirts/ties with formal trousers and shoes. What extras are recommended for a positive first impression? - My assignment for this week, which I was talked into by my Careers supporter, is to actually approach as many local banks as possible to ask for an interview/meeting with the bank managers or the recruiters. Any tips on how I could make the approach whilst appearing 'to mean business' and professional? I understand that bravado and natural interpersonal skills are needed here, but remember that I've never done anything like this before, for a banking job. Glad to answer any questions you may have and to take on board all suggestions. Thank you