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Massive Dilemma - Job Offer at Investment Bank

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Post time15:23 24-03-2014

Hi All,


I have a massive dilemma. Iím 31 and currently work for a UK retail bank within market risk in the City of London. I have no previous IB experience. I have received an offer from a top US investment bank for a role (Associate level) that isnít bad but a little basic in terms of what I ideally want. The problem is that they only offered a £7k uplift compared to my current salary (this was they told me their final offer after initially only offering me a £5k uplift). It was with massive regret but I turned it down.


The hours I currently work are very reasonable and there is not too much stress in my role. However, my current salary is reflective of this and consequently I am underpaid. Therefore, I was hoping for at least a £12k uplift from my current salary, as otherwise I donít feel the salary would justify the added pressure and (probably much) longer working hours that would definitely be the case at the investment bank.


Some people have had said that the money offered was not good enough to justify the move, whilst others have said that having the name on my CV of this investment bank and the exposure would more than make up for the salary in the long term. Therefore, I really do not know if I should still go for the role.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.