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Pick the best career out of these to break into ER/IM

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Post time12:06 30-09-2008


I'm a 26y old MSc. Biochemistry currently working in Regulatory Affairs within a not so well known Pharmaceutical company. (1,5 y experience)
Suppose I had found out that what I really wanted to do was Equity Research/Investment management for the Biotech/Pharma industry.
What would you consider the best role I should go for at this point to be considered for ER/IM in the future?

These are my current exit options:

Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Biotechnology firm or Big International Pharmaceutical Corporation)
Regulatory Affairs Consultant (Biotechnology + Pharmaceutical)
Proposals Developer (in a Clinical Research Organization)(develops bids according to budget for Clinical trial contracts with Biotech/Pharma industry)

Tougher but doable:
Market Research Analyst (Pharmaceuticals) for a specialist Market Research firm
Market Research Analyst for a Pharmaceutical firm.
MSc. Finance or MBA in finance from a top B-school (if possible)

Straight into Biotech/Pharma Equity Research/Investment management.