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Head of Portfolio Framework & Change Standards

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Post time09:16 11-09-2014

The Requirements

We have an opportunity for a Head of Portfolio Framework & Change Standards to provide and support environment in terms of process, methods, standards and tools and education to support bank wide change demand portfolio management and change delivery.

As the Head of Portfolio Framework & Change Standards you will provide simplified approach to the above that is controlled effective and transparent.


  • Definition, implementation and continuous improvement on behalf of the process owner, Head of I&RP, of bank wide processes for:
  • Change Demand Management Demand Portfolio
  • Investment Management & Reporting
  • Establish new bank wide Change Practice, including of processes, methods, standards, controls , metrics and tooling for Change Delivery & Reporting identifying existing capability across the bank and proposing approaches to optimise
  • Owner of the supporting methodologies / standards /  controls / metrics & tooling to support  all the above processes including Change Delivery
  • Provision of education, guidance and support to the CAO and functional change teams related to the above processes / methods / standards and tools

  • Accountabilities:

  • Standardisation of approach, common language for Portfolio Mgt and Change Delivery across the bank
  • Common and shared tool and dataset for management and control of demand portfolio including future pipeline and programmes in execution
  • Consistent method of interfacing demand portfolio and programme mgt  tool with the financial management platforms for progress tracking.
  • Centre of Excellence support for the execution of the processes, application of the standards, deployment and use of the methodologies and supporting toolsets
  • Responsible for recommendations re changes the above areas of above for decisions by Head of I&RP, or associated governing body.
  • Monitoring of compliance to standards, monitoring of controls for Demand Management process (S166 11.23 EED1-3)
  • For local team 7 heads. Wider responsibility for virtual team spanning all stakeholder areas.
  • Investment Management process required to be compliant / aligned to BCAP policy. Change model to be compliant with SOX

  • Requirements - Essential:

  • Experience of portfolio and programme delivery management
  • Knowledge of portfolio and programme delivery methodologies
  • Solid understanding of financial management concepts