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Barclays is looking for a Operations Manager in Leeds, UK.

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Post time19:43 16-10-2014

We have opportunities in this role in Leeds. Lead a dynamic team to improve our customer journey As a Barclays Operations Manager, you値l play a leading role in our dedicated Mortgage Services team. We値l look to you to manage, coach and lead an Operations team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a rapidly growing specialist area, where you値l be encouraged to progress within the business. What you値l give our customers as an Operations Manager You値l be responsible for leading your team; creating a culture that values ownership and initiative, and always puts the customer first. That means managing and driving individual team member performance, while managing information systems and resolving escalated complaints for less experienced colleagues. It痴 all about understanding your team痴 diverse needs, and making sure that they have the tools, information and skills they need to deliver a world-class service for our customers every time. What you値l get in return Help our customers get the best that Barclays has to offer, and you値l get the same in return. We池e not just talking about valuable benefits like great bonus potential, private healthcare, childcare savings, and a huge range of employee discounts. You値l also enjoy a unique company spirit that believes in giving people the freedom to do a great job today, and the support to reach their biggest ambitions in the future. Click on the link for more information: