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FXMM Operations Associate

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Post time12:51 27-10-2014

RBS is looking for a FXMM Operations Associate in Newcastle Under Lyme, UK

The Requirements

Purpose of the Role

    Ensure trade confirmations are sent via the correct confirmation medium
    Contact counterparties to affirm trade economics if no confirmation received
    Checking and matching incoming legal confirmations including both paper and electronic confirmations from clients against RBS bookings
    Investigating and resolving discrepancies between client and RBS legal confirmations
    Investigating queries received via email and telephone
    Investigating alleged trades
    Responding to confirmation requests received via email and telephone
    Maintaining current and accurate static data for all clients, contacts, telephone numbers, fax numbers & email addresses
    Ensuring that the static for clients is up to date for the confirmation preference and SWIFT fields
    Pursuing the return of legal confirmations from all clients within industry guidelines for FX & MM products

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Progress

    Strategic Awareness: Understand the broad strategy of Operations, the specific business strategy of own function, and how your role supports these

Business Delivery and Financial Performance

    Financial Delivery:  Ensure delivery of acceptable financial performance within acceptable risk parameters, e.g. managing cost and risks
    Efficiency and Cost Management: Demonstrate disciplined cost consciousness and operational excellence across the firm

Customer Expectations

    Customer Delivery: Ensure business is executed within a culture of client focus
    Reputation: Build, safeguard and uphold the reputation of RBS Group across stakeholders, e.g.  public, staff, clients, etc.

Risk, Efficiency and Control

    Supervisory Culture:[Mandatory for supervisors; S0, S1, S2 or S3]:Supervise direct reports and their activities effectively, including effective record keeping and documentation of key people issues. Ensure direct reports and management teams are competent and have clearly defined responsibilities, both collectively and individually in line with the five pillars of supervision excellence:
        Tell employees what their jobs are
        Tell them how to do their jobs
        Show them how to do their jobs
        Test that they have done their jobs properly
        Incentivise for the job they have done



    Knowledge & experience of the Foreign Exchange & Money Markets business and or Client Services experience

Technical Capabilities


    Ability to communicate successfully with key internal and external clients via telephone,e-mail,fax,written reports, formal correspondence etc
    Attention to detail and high accuracy
    Listening skills
    Ability to abide by RBS core values
    Basic analytical ability
    Proven experience and high standards in a control environment
    Ability to manage own time efficiently
    Excellent PC skills (word,excel,powerpoint)


    Understanding of settlement process
    Understanding of CLS process
    Appreciation of the wider M&IB business
    Use of systems such as Wallstreet, GFX, TLM, Nucleus & Nexus

Apply here: