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Will doing a Masters in Invest Mgt help to overcome my weak A-Level Grades when applying to an Invest. Bank ?

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Post time10:07 30-05-2009

'm an undergraduate currently studying at Reading University, Henley Business School UK- doing my 3rd year work placement abroad in Brussels at Ingram Micro Inc. (finance dept). I'm predicted an Upper Second Class Honours Degree.

I speak 3 languages - English, French & German.

I am strongly considering doing the Investment Management Course on offer at the ICMA Centre in Reading, UK.

If successful I'd end up with:

CFA Level 1,
SII diploma,
ICMA IFID certificate.

With the 1 year work experience in accountancy, my languages abilities, and the subsequent qualifications from the Msc Course - would that put me in a decent position for applying to Banks like Goldmans, UBS, JPMorgan etc... ????

I feel my only weakness is my A-Level grades which amount to 300 UCAS pts.

Would a good degree + Msc mark give me a good chance at getting into a graduate entry level programme at somewhere like Goldmans?

Additional Details
300 UCAS pts = BBC at A-Level + a C in the other AS Level.

I also only achieved a 2:2 in my 1 st year at University - however it does NOT AT ALL count towards my final degree mark.