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Operations Career Progression

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Post time16:19 27-05-2007


I'm currently considering a role in IB operations and have secured an internship at a large European IB. My question is about what oppurtunities I would have in terms of career progression, should I choose to take up a full-time operations goal. Basically, how can an operations analyst'c career develop over 5, 10 or 15 years? What are the oppurtunities in terms of promotion; how far up the career ladder could someone starting of in operations theoretically go? Also, what sort of professional qualifications are available to help career progression? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Post time23:10 24-01-2008

Operations is not a bad option to go in if some of u wants to become accountants. Many do study professional qualifications during their career to boost up their worth. Being in operation, it is relatively more stable and generally good pay depends on which bank u work for. Some starts between 30-36K. However, the major drawback is, operation is back office role afterall, you will not have as much opportunties to shine as in front office, and generally difficult to move to front from back. Bonus also of course is a big difference!


Post time20:42 28-06-2008

Of course, any career path has its ups and downs.  I am in business operations, but in many cases, the decisions I make directly impact the customer as well as how sales deals are configured.

The other big issue in career planning is how to deal with your upper management.

I have found a lot of good advice at Ask a Manager
 found at

Hope that helps.


Post time19:27 22-08-2008

www.-[CENSORED] seems quite useful.