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67000 jobs in banking to be cut???

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Post time12:22 12-11-2009

Can you imagine that many jobs being cut all at once? Its awful! Well thats what Russain bank Sberbank are going to do over the next 5 years!

27000 of those jobs are to be cut by the end of the year! I wonder if these cuts will affect our economy and jobs in a ny way?

Imagine that many people without jobs all at once! Its bad! But they think it will make the company more profitable!

What do you think?


Post time20:01 12-11-2009

That's a mind-boggling number of redunancies. Such turbulent times. I reckon every job cut affects our economy - and morale - in a small way - so yip, I reckon this will have a negative ripple effect.

And here I thought we were finally emerging out of the recessionary woods! 


Post time11:00 13-11-2009

Yeah i agree to you that we are facing recession and due to this losing jobs but in banking  to fire the employees it will not be beneficial as they are the only persons who promote economy of country. They deals to the customers and boost the economy of country as well.