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Christmas party - a waste of cash?

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Post time19:57 24-11-2009
(Post updated by Nick78 19:59 24-11-2009)

We've just been told that our office won't be throwing a Christmas party this year and I'm really disappointed!

I understand the importance of saving money at this time, when so many people are losing jobs in banking and finance.... 

And a lot of firms seem to be opting out of their end-of-year bashes, but surely it doesn't cost much to organise a few mince pies and bowls of punch to say thank you to staff for all the hard work they've put in during the year?


Post time12:03 25-11-2009

We also won't be having a party this year. What makes it worse is that we had no idea they were going to do this, there was never any mention made of it being a possibility.

With morale already being so low this is definitely not what we needed to hear. But what can we do, besides organise one between ourselves.


Post time16:49 25-11-2009

I think it is terrible that companies think this is the right way to go! I mean even if its just a few drinks in the office after work with secret santa its good enough! We all need to feel appreciated you know?

With things being as tough as they are right now I think its the wrong time to be saying no to these types of things and employees need that boost to show that they are valued in thier jobs! Especially at a time where people have been made redundant and people are under extra pressure to perform and fill in to cover the extra work!


Post time10:30 02-12-2009

I guess the reasoning is that any way to save some money is the way to go. The human factor does just not come into the equation anymore. It's a pity really as people who are already feeling overworked and underpaid, now probably feel unappreciated.

Indirectly it will probably also go towards affecting a persons performance at work and their motivation for even getting up and coming to work at all. There just doesn't seem to be any point at all anymore.