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Analyst - Work Ex Limit?

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Post time23:35 05-08-2007


Have recently joined the forum my name is Vivek Roy and I will be reading at Manchester Business School this year for an MSc in Accounting and Finance. I am keen to apply for jobs in Investment Banks whilst doing the course and had a question concerning the application requirements.

After completing my Bachelors degree in India, I have worked for over 2 years. More specifically, I have interned in HSBC (New Delhi) for 5 months and worked as a full time employee there for 26 months. Following that I have done a 1.5 month internship at UBS (India).

This may sound weird but I'd like to know whether with this sort of experience, I am still eligible to apply as an analyst for the Graduate Recruitment Programs in the Investment Banks in the UK?

What I mean to ask is that, is there a limit on maximum the work-ex for an Analyst position?

And are there better options available for me?

Thanks a lot to everyone in advance!



Post time22:30 26-08-2008


i found it helpful


Post time22:33 26-08-2008


i found it helpful