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New job problems

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Post time13:26 06-09-2007

i started a new job a month ago and the job is not what was advertised. i was also offered a verbal target and now i am trying to ensure that they will not pro-rata it. i have talked to them about the job and they say that in feb it will be the job i thought it would be. i have been offered another job since and the package seems better and opps seem better too. do i rely on my current company about the job being what it will be in feb? and how can i get them to confirm refgarding the target - i have asked twice already?


Post time11:48 07-10-2007
(Post updated by WoW-Careers 11:48 07-10-2007)

If the job isn't as it was advertised but you are happy with it then that's ok for the first stage.

But as for your second question rather than having verbal confirmations only ask your management to confirm in writing exactly what will change and when. The same goes for your targets they should always be in writing.

If the company doesn't want to put anything in writing I would be concerned about that and I would consider the other offer you have been made.


Post time22:18 26-08-2008