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Fixed Income Knowledge

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Post time21:03 08-01-2010
(Post updated by Suhasini 21:04 08-01-2010)

Dear Sir/Madam

 I  am a software developer and I need someone who can help me know the basics of Fixed income - IRD intorder to develop a software project.
 Is there anyone who can guide me?

  I can even pay them. Please let me know if I can get any help from your forum.


Post time08:09 30-12-2010

Fixed income defined as a person's income when there is no variation with each period. For ex:- retirees or pensioners have their fixed income.
My Father is also a retired officer from an army and he gets fixed amount of income. so, it is called a fixed income. another example:- if you lend money to a borrower and the borrower has to pay interest once a month. you have been issued a fixed- income security.